Breastfeeding a child is more than providing nutrients and immunity boosting properties.  It’s about a new relationship, a new purpose in your life, and an undeniably amazing bond.  Unfortunately, getting the breastfeeding relationship off the ground isn’t always as effortless.  I offer a variety of consult options depending on your needs.  From simple questions to in-home clinical visits, read below to figure out the best option for you.  Questions?  Call me at 617-319-4542 or email me.

Let’s chat over (virtual) coffee


Trying to wade through the advice given to you on parenting groups? Consulting Dr. Google at 2AM? Big Breaths! This option is for general one-off breastfeeding questions. Examples include: Galactagogues, medication search and explanation, questions about normal newborn behavior, pump selection, and gear. Coffee chats are not for specific clinical issues (see email consults above).  However, if you want to post it in your facebook group, but you’re hoping to get an evidence based answer from an allied health professional, this option is for you! 



Email consults 


Email consults are for general breastfeeding advice and for issues which do not require physical assessment. Examples are weaning, pumping schedules, questions about starting solids, working through persistent clogged ducts,  and lowering oversupply.  If I feel that your question warrants a physical assessment, I will let you know and we can work from there. Includes one week of follow up.




In Home Lactation Consults:

Initial Consults: $250, with a $50 deposit due at booking.

Follow up appointments (within 6 months): $75/hr with a two hour minimum.

If you would like to book an appointment, please email me, or text/call me at 617-319-4542

Please note that due to patient privacy, I can only use text messaging for scheduling and appointment reminders.



About in-home services

In-home care allows you to learn and practice in an environment that is most familiar to you at a pace that is much more manageable than groups or office visits. Visits include a complete medical history and intake, physical assessment of you and baby, discussion and troubleshooting concerns, forming an immediate care plan (24-48 hours) and answering any questions.  Emails are sent after our consult with videos, handouts, and a long term care plan as well as contacts for any referrals. You have me for 2 weeks after your appointment via phone, text or email.


Prenatal Classes

$60 per couple with a 4 couple minimum. Most insurance companies will reimburse. Itemized receipt will be given at the end of class.


Want to get a heads up what to expect before baby comes?  We go over everything from benefits of breastfeeding, gear and accessories, how birth impacts breastfeeding, the first days, common concerns and myths.  We also talk briefly about pumping and returning to work.  Best taken in the third trimester (34 weeks+).  

Please email me me for more information about getting a class set up.