“Kira made my husband and I feel extremely comfortable and at ease during my 10 hour labor. She was fantastic as a liaison between the medical staff, as well as providing physical and verbal help with laboring. Her presence was calming and confident. Her advice about decisions during labor was non-judgmental and objective. She truly LOVES the process. We were lucky to have found Kira, and would highly recommend her!” W. (Boston)

“My labor was very long.  I felt so alone as the nurses and doctors turned into zombies.  But, I reached out my hand as I rested during contractions and felt the weight of the world fall off me as I felt Kira’s warm hand right there.  Sometimes it’s more than all the physical support.  Sometimes it’s just having that hand to hold.  She supported me so fully and helped me to get in tune with my emotions and find a quiet place where I could really focus on this transition into motherhood.  I can’t recommend her enough.”  M. (W Roxbury)

“Your placenta encapsulation service was PERFECT for us. You were prompt and available and professional. So super warm, energetic, and supportive via email that by the time I met you I felt like I already knew you. This was very nice at such an emotional time.” E. (Boston)

“Wow…Kira was a gift to us on our first night home from the hospital. In pain, and with a daughter who would no longer latch, it was late at night and things were really unraveling.  Kira offered to come no matter how late it was, stayed for a couple hours, and helped me get back to a positive place. She was incredibly generous with her time and expertise and has continued to offer support after our first visit.  She is friendly and empathetic, and we are lucky to have found her when we did” L. (Boston)

“What can I say?   All those hours through email and then coming over to see me when I was crying about not making enough milk.  Your calm demeanor shifted the energy in our house from the minute you walked in.  You really created something special here in China and I am so grateful that I had your assistance and knowledge when I was learning to nurse my daughter.”  P. (Hangzhou)

“Kira was our birth doula, and she was amazing. She is kind, responsive, and immediately set us both at ease. She was there for many hours of labor and allowed my husband to get some much needed rest. Later, I had trouble getting enough milk for my daughter, and she came by and gave advice when I was at my wits end. I’ll never forget her.” K. (Boston)


“I hired Kira in spring 2013 to support me in birthing my first child due in early summer. Though I knew several people who had used doulas before, I was skeptical that a total stranger could provide the care and support I would need during such an intimate and life-changing event as birth. My hesitation quickly dissolved during my first meeting with Kira. Kira’s professionalism and kind-heartedness were immediately evident, as was her thorough preparation, which included a questionnaire designed to ensure that she would be a good match for me and my birth intentions.

In addition to being a kind, compassionate, and thoroughly informed professional, Kira proved herself to be an extremely dedicated and tireless advocate throughout my labor and birth. Over those days, she walked with me, spoke encouraging words and communicated with my doctors when I couldn’t. She helped me talk and think through various decisions I had to make while laboring and her extensive medical knowledge helped me immensely in this regard. She even helped me “manage” various family members and was excellent at asserting my desire to limit who was allowed in the room.

Overall, my experience with Kira vastly exceeded my expectations. Since the birth of my son, Kira has kept in touch by following up with a couple of postpartum visits and generally making sure that everything is okay. She’s promptly answered any questions I’ve had regarding breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. She has also encouraged me to be in touch should any questions or problems arise. I feel blessed to have had such a kind and knowledgeable doula support me in the birth of my son.” J (Dorchester)

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