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Breastfeeding a child is more than providing nutrients and immunity boosting properties.  It’s about a new relationship, a new purpose in your life, and an undeniably effortless bond.  Unfortunately, getting the breastfeeding relationship off the ground isn’t always as effortless.  Though breastfeeding is a biologically natural process, our social structure in the United States is such that there is very little inter-generational community around child rearing practices.

I am a firm believer in community and while support groups can be valuable, getting out of the house can be difficult in the early postpartum days (especially if you are recovering from a difficult delivery). Individualized support allows a mother to freely express her issues and concerns without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed in front of a group.  I can take the necessary time to assist you and your baby in positioning,  forming and maintaining a good latch, and troubleshooting any issues that you might have.

As a birth worker and IBCLC, I have a large support network and work closely with some of the best professionals in the Greater Boston area.  I refer to a small, selected group of pediatric dentists, MD’s who specialize in breastfeeding medicine, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists and endocrinologists.  I also have a vast network of other IBCLC’s with varying specialties that I can call on for second opinions if needed.

I book initial consults in blocks of 1 and a half hours for all infants (under one year) at $250, with each additional hour at $50/hr.

For toddlers, consults are often shorter and can sometimes be done through skype or email. 

Rates outside of initial consult are $50 an hour with a two hour minimum unless otherwise agreed upon before the start of the consult.

Skype consults are $75 each for 45 minutes.

Please contact me for more information.