Placenta Encapsulation Services



Benefits of encapsulation:

Studies have shown that ingesting your placenta potentially helps:

•Balance your system and replenish hormones

•Replenish depleted iron due to blood loss

•Provide essential vitamins and hormones to increase energy

•Decrease the rate of postpartum bleeding

•Increase milk production

•Lessen the likelihood and intensity of postpartum depression

•When frozen, it can also help side effects of menopause later in life.

Known hormones contained in the placenta and their functions:

•Cortisone – combats stress and provides energy

•Hemoglobin – replenishes iron deficiency and helps with anemia

•Gammaglobulin – helps protect against postpartum infections

•Interferon – stimulates the immune system to protect against infection

•Oxytocin – Produced during breastfeeding to facilitate bonding.

•Prolactin – Promotes lactation

•Prostaglandins – Anti-inflammatory properties

•Thyroid Stimulating Hormone –  boosts energy and helps recovery

What is encapsulation?

placenta art

Your placenta has the potential to help you transition from pregnancy to new motherhood by providing vitamins, protein and hormones, thus promoting quicker healing, increased milk supply and stress reduction.  The sleeplessness and hormonal changes that happen during and after birth are immense.  Even good stress (like introducing a wonderful new member into your family), can cause fatigue, lack of concentration and anxiety.


Though a majority of women go through the “baby blues’ after delivery as their hormones are becoming more even, postpartum depression is a more intense, longer lasting case that affects every day functioning.  Postpartum depression can affect your feelings about your role in life as a mother, your baby and even your trust in yourself and your abilities. A solid support system and encapsulation can help set you out on the right foot, potentially lessening the likelihood of mood disorders.

Encapsulating the placenta is a very old TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice.  First written about by Li Shizen, a doctor during the Qing Dynasty (1500’s C.E.), encapsulation has been used to balance qi, energy, and nourish the blood.  In the TCM inspired method, the placenta is prepared, steamed and dehydrated before encapsulation.  The TCM philosophy is that birth leaves cold, empty space (yin) and needs to be balanced by warmth (yang).  If you would like  true TCM encapsulation including herbal additions, please talk to me about a consultation with a TCM practitioner to ensure that your preparation is specific to your body. If you are not able to consult with a TCM practitioner, I am able to offer the TCM inspired method which includes steaming the placenta lightly before dehydrating.

In the raw method, the placenta is prepared and dehydrated at a baseline of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterwards, it is ground and placed into capsules for you to take.  Most mothers report taking 2 capsules three times a day during your first three weeks postpartum until you are off the bed.  (My advice postpartum, if possible, is one week in the bed, one week on the bed, and one week near the bed).

There are many ways to benefit from the placenta, but encapsulation makes it easy, more palatable, and mess free.

Why hire a professional?

Your body has just been through an amazing, beautiful journey.  However, this journey is hard on the body.  Proper rest promotes quicker healing and nothing helps bonding (and milk supply), like snuggling your sweet baby.  This time is so short lived and sacred.

My advice about rest was advice given to me by a midwife friend of mine: one week in the bed, one week on the bed and one week near the bed.  I wholeheartedly agree.

Even though placenta encapsulation can be done alone, it is a lengthy process and there is a lot of sanitizing and cleaning involved. I have taken the necessary continuing education courses to ensure that I will properly prepare your placenta using OSHA guidelines for bloodborne pathogens and food safety guidelines, dispose of waste according to medical waste regulations and package and deliver your capsules to you within 48 hours.

You?  You will relax and reap the benefits.

What if I have a hard time swallowing capsules?


Well, lucky for you, I offer chocolates and tincture as well.

Tincture takes 4-6 weeks to prepare.  In the meantime, eating chocolates (at the same frequency as taking capsules) has the same potency as capsules.  The placenta is prepared raw as TCM traditionally does not allow sugar while healing.  I offer the following types:

Vegan chocolate (can be flavored with extracts)
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
Mint flavored dark chocolate

All are gluten and soy free.  If you’d like a different flavor, please let me know.

These services are offered as a package for $150 if you are unable to take capsules.  Tincture is included as it keeps longer than chocolates and can be used up to a year postpartum.

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Though based on a combination of centuries-old cultural knowledge and multiple research studies, placenta encapsulation and consumption has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   None of the services offered are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, because, according to the FDA, only a drug can legally make such a claim.
 Use of placenta encapsulation or other services assumes prior discussion with your health care provider.  Clients are responsible for researching and using these services appropriately.